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 Registered Nursing, Associates Degree – graduating in December, 2016.
 Bachelor Degree in Microbiology, genetics research experience
 Experience as a volunteer prenatal, birth and postpartum doula
 Fluent in English and Portuguese. Professional fluency in Spanish
 ACLS and BLS for Healthcare Providers
 Dean’s list throughout the program
 Provided education and resource services to low income populations with complex social concerns.
 Culturally competent: worked and advocated for diverse populations, different perspectives and life experiences, including LGBTQ and immigrants.
 Experience with EPIC, Cerner and OASIS.
 Interested in advancing education within 5 years
 Teaching experience


Registered Nursing – Associate of Applied Science, December 2016.
Lake Washington Institute of Technology. Kirkland, WA
GPA 3.82. Dean’s list throughout the program.

Certified Nursing Assistant Program. Federal Way, WA. February, 2014.

Bachelor of Science in Microbiology, August 2012.
University of Washington. Seattle, WA
Senior Research Thesis: “The specificity of the suppressing lifespan signal in Caenorhabditis elegans”


Senior Preceptorship: 150 hours – Provided direct care and health promotion for diverse populations, performing assessments, education, linkage to community resources. Provided ostomy care, post-surgical care, removal of staples, influenza immunization, wound care, nephrostomy care, urinary catheter removal/insertion/management, anticoagulation protocols/PT-INR. Developed autonomy, holistic patient care, collaboration with other members of the healthcare team, communication with clients and families.

L&D and Mother-Baby – Vitals, Hanging IV drugs, placenta inspection, patient teaching, newborn assessment, postpartum assessment, assisted with labor monitoring, assisted during vaginal birth, assisted circulating nurse during C-section, assisted with care for post-C-section hemorrhage, assisted with bilirubin level checks and transferring newborn to NICU, assisted with admission and discharge.
Medical-Surgical – Vitals, head-to-toe assessment, interpret lab data and implement interventions; patient teaching related to surgical procedures and health management; administering IV, SubQ, and PO drugs. Patients: pancreatic cancer, diabetes, CHF, Chron’s disease, morbid obesity,
Perioperative observation, Hydrocele – pre-surgical, surgical and PACU.
CCU, Medical Surgical, Ortho/Spinal and Oncology floors (6S, 7S, 8S)
Vitals, head to toe and focused assessments; IV start and DC, IV monitoring; IV, SubQ, PO drug administration. Patients: bipolar, dislocated hip, UTI, ileus, multiple ulcers and rhabdomyolysis, post-op lap band; ankle fracture and craniotomy., a-fib, hernia surgery repair, JP drain, PICC line, facial paralysis and eye patch, 19 y.o. with viral meningitis, lower back pain, septic knee. Patient post abdominal surgery who was also on CPAP and ETCO2 monitoring who also suffered respiratory arrest post PCA dosage increase. According to nurse manager- charting was so complete that the incident was easily traced and accounted for. Medications administered in a safe manner according to the 5 rights to include IVPB, IV therapy, IV syringe med, heparin SubQ, IV placement on elder patient with perfect technique done successfully on first try.

Pediatrics: University of Washington Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Seattle, WA
Pediatrics: Children’s Country Home. Kirkland, WA.
Acute Psychiatric/Mental Health: Fairfax Behavioral Health. Kirkland, WA.
Medical-Surgical: Life Care Center. Kirkland, WA.
Medical-Surgical: Ballard Care and Rehabilitation. Seattle, WA.
Day course in blood transfusion: Bloodworks Northwest. Seattle, WA

Washington Corrections Center for Women. Gig Harbor, WA
• Provided doula and education services to low income with complex social concerns.
• Provided prenatal, labor and parenting support /resources for residents.
• Facilitate weekly one-on-one meetings with residents.
• Attended births a Saint Joseph Hospital.
• Became part of a multidisciplinary team that in conjunction with UW nursing students, set up a plan for women’s health and state/federal programs benefiting residents upon release
• Lead health education classes.
• Provided resources and serving as a liaison between residents and nursing/medical/prison personnel.
• Provided legal rehabilitation resources, and a plan to reduce recidivism.
• Screen, interview, select and train new volunteers.
• Assist new and old volunteers with collection of resources, organization, event planning and promotion of outreach classes within the collective and with the prison community.
• Created the use of a set of secure communication and operations tracking tools to track and archive meeting minutes, confidential client meeting notes, individual and operational expenses.
• Responsible for maintaining related websites, fundraising, communicating with prison staff, providing detailed reports weekly, planning and leading weekly meetings and organizing continuing education materials for our volunteers.

2008 – 2009 Undergraduate Researcher- Kaeberlein Pathology Laboratory
University of Washington, Seattle, WA.
• Research of life span regulation and sensory mechanisms linked to dietary restriction in C. elegans.

2004 – 2007 Language Instructor – Portuguese
Berlitz Languages. Bellevue, WA.

COMMUNITY WORK: 2000 – 2001 Community Outreach Analyst. Estácio de Sá University. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
• Involved in administering free Rabies vaccination in a governmental program to eradicate zoonotic diseases in underserved communities.
• Organize awareness groups for Dengue fever, mosquito control and zoonosis prevention.