Career Map

Immediately after graduating, I plan to work on a nursing unit and hone my skills and clinical judgement to become a competent nurse. Within 2 to 5 years, I would like to enter a graduate program to obtain a nurse practitioner degree.

Upon Graduation, December 2016.

• Have job secured or be close to having job secured.
• Study for and pass NCLEX on first attempt

3- 6 Months
• Choose what type of NP I want to be: adult-gerontology practitioner or women’s health practitioner.
• Become more comfortable in work environment.

6-12 Months
• Be confident and competent in my job
• Pursue certifications related to my work
• Apply to NP program for fall

12-24 months
• Begin NP school
• Determine post-grad school plans
• Be known as a dependable, competent nurse by coworkers and
• Continue working

Professionally, my long term goals include continuing to work and transitioning from a novice to a role model for new nurses. I would one day like to obtain my Doctorate of Nursing Practice as well. I want to be a learner my whole life, always being open to new, evidence based practice, and avoiding becoming stuck in tradition and a “that’s just how we’ve always done it” mindset.

• Begin transition from working in hospital to working in a clinic.
• Gain skill as a nurse practitioner in hospital prior to moving on
• Determine area / population I want to work in and with.