About Me

Dear Nurse Recruiter:

My name is Luciana Svilpa, I’m currently enrolled as a 6th quarter student in the RN program at the Lake Washington Institute of Technology with graduation date of December of 2016. At the moment I am in my 6th quarter Preceptorship with Careage Home Health, where I was chosen for being able to work well independently. My GPA is 3.82. I plan on pursuing a MSN degree within 5 years – I also have a B.Sc. Degree by the University of Washington. I am BLS and ACLS certified. I have had training and experience with EPIC, Cerner and OASIS.
As you will be able to see from my résumé, I had many experiences in the past, within an enormous variety of communities and clients. My experiences with healthcare began many years ago in Brazil with my first embryology course in 2000, and with creating outreach projects that benefited pregnant at-risk teens. Those experiences evolved as I had my own 3 children, became a doula and now I am finally coming full circle as a professional. I am also passionate about genetics and as I finished a Bachelor Degree in Microbiology at the University of Washington, I knew that I wanted to use the experience that I gained both as an undergraduate researcher and a student, and combine with my nursing degree.
I had difficult pregnancies which informed my need to see the importance of the people who surrounded me during that time. I want to learn from those experiences and provide the best nursing care that I can possibly give. With my nursing degree and with this opportunity, I will be able to continue learning more and become an expert in my field. I want to help shape the future of the profession with even better outcomes and more access to healthcare.
In my clinical experiences, I have been praised repeatedly for my knowledge of the health issues and treatments, compassion, empathy, great bedside manners, excellent charting and a great team member. I am someone who focus on safety while delivering a great hospital experience to my patients. I believe that my clinical instructors will be able to attest that I am ready to continue on this road. I had a wonderful experience at EvergreenHealth last quarter. I was able to work at CCU, orthopedics/spinal, oncology and medical-surgical: My nurse manager called my clinical instructor off-hours to thank me for a job well done, particularly during the time of a post-surgical respiratory arrest in which my diligence, priorities, interventions, charting and communication with the attending physician were crucial for a good patient outcome. I was able to prioritize care and make sure the incident was charted correctly and thoroughly with a very unstable patient allowing them to trace perfectly what happened during the day.
I am absolutely fascinated and excited to have an opportunity to give back the safest and best nursing care. I am willing to work at any shift, just very excited to start and learn more.

Thank you for this opportunity,
Luciana Svilpa